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Feeling the Post Holiday Blues... Let's Celebrate with Coffee Holidays!

As we enter the season of post holiday blues, we invite you to find a reason to celebrate all year around. Over here at Fortitude Coffee Company, that is most definitely COFFEE!
Celebrate with us all year long!


  • 4th week is National Irish Coffee Week: What is better than a WHOLE week devoted to celebrating spiked coffee goodness?!
  • 18th National Gourmet Coffee Day
  • 25th is National Irish Coffee Day: The ode to the Irish coffee! We cannot wait to share with you our favorite Irish coffee recipe. Order yourself your favorite Fortitude roast and get ready for some cocktail magic!


  • 17th – National Cafe Au Lait Day: Café au lait (“coffee with milk” in French) is a coffee drink made of strong coffee and hot or steamed milk. The drink originated in France, and uses equal parts coffee and milk.


  • March is National Caffeine Awareness Month


  • 7th is National Coffee Cake Day: YUM!


  • First Saturday in May (6th): National Home-Brew Day- We have loads of great ways to brew up the perfect cup of Joe at home! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to learn some of our favorite Home-Brew methods.
  • Let's face it... Mother's Day should also be a day to celebrate coffee and all of the incredible strength it gives tired mamas everywhere!


  • 27th National Coffee Day in Colombia


  • 22nd is Coffee Week: A whole week about coffee!!! COUNT US IN!
  • 26th National Coffee Milkshake Day


  • August is National Coffee Month


  • 6th National Coffee Ice Cream Day
  • 12th is National Coffee Day in Costa Rica
  • 19th is National Coffee Day in Ireland
  • 29th is National Coffee Day


  • 1st National Coffee Day in Ethiopia, the Birth Place of Coffee!
  • 7th National Frappe Day-


  • 8th National Cappucino Day
  • 24th National Espresso Day


  • 3rd National Peppermint Latte Day- Perfect to kick off the Christmas Holiday season!
  • 15th National Gingerbread Latte Day
  • 26th is Coffee Percolator Day- this is our favorite way to make coffee over the campfire.
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