Fortitude Coffee Company is the culmination of a lot of dreaming, tons of research, some trial and error and finally the hard work, dedication and FORTITUDE to succeed.  We are a veteran owned and operated small batch coffee roaster that puts the military motto of “attention to detail” to great test when selecting green beans, roasting them to perfection and helping teach you the most delicious way to serve up the perfect cup.


We know that there are moments in life when you are up against deadlines, stressful workloads, demanding physical challenges, keeping the tiny humans alive, or even facing the enemy; and we want to provide you a premium roast of coffee that helps you awaken your inner FORTITUDE (B*D*SS) and face the day.


You will also find that as veterans, our oath of service to this country and its people did not come with an expiration date. We are proud to continue to serve those who have sacrificed so much for us by supporting organizations that are close to our hearts.


Take a minute, read OUR STORY and see why we have fallen in love with coffee and why we are so passionate about sharing that coffee with you. Fortitude is more than coffee; it is an experience and we want you to see first hand how one cup can turn an entire moment around and give you so much more than just a little caffeine.


Life Happens, Coffee Helps.